Gopshusgården - Rum och Stugor

Gopshusgården, nestled approximately 20 kilometers north of Mora along the iconic Vasaloppsvägen, is a warm and welcoming family guesthouse. At Gopshusgården, we extend our hospitality to everyone, ensuring a memorable stay for all.

Our unique location boasts the Vasalopp track traversing our property, offering an unparalleled experience for winter sports enthusiasts. The thrill of skiing and cross-country adventures awaits during the winter months. But Gopshusgården's charm extends beyond winter, with every season providing opportunities for memorable outdoor activities, from invigorating hikes to engaging in various sports.

The surrounding area is a haven for nature lovers, with numerous hiking trails that wind their way through breathtaking landscapes. Beyond that, a treasure trove of tourist attractions awaits those eager to explore.

Perched at the pinnacle, you'll discover a delightful barbecue area where you can savor a meal while soaking in the mesmerizing views of pristine lakes and lush forests. It's an absolutely awe-inspiring panorama that simply must be experienced to be fully appreciated.

Gopshusgården is a gateway to unforgettable experiences in the heart of nature.

Come and embrace the beauty and adventure that our picturesque location has to offer.